Moon Maidens   ♦   Workshop Series

We gather together in a peer group to explore such topics as intuition, menstruation, body image, seasons, cycles, sexuality (and more!) Sessions are longer and over a period of 4 – 8 weeks, that way the girls can really connect with each other and trust both the process and the group. Parents are asked to meet with the facilitator prior to enrollment to ensure the program is a fit for everyone. Parents will also be given a syllabus of the course content so there are no surprises!!

Our next Workshop Series for Young Women runs Spring 2019. Registration open Jan 1, 2019! For more information please email [email protected]



In our dreamtime we navigate an interior world that reflects back our lives, our deeper intuitions, and the calling of ourselves… what messages are here waiting to be heard? Through dream recall, journalling, and sometimes sharing we will explore the inner landscapes of our dreams, and the messages that we have within each of our unique dreamscapes.



A five series workshop that explores our foundation, our desires, our boundaries, and the way we navigate life by exploring ourselves in relation to the tree of life. ♥


Soul Wheels

This is essentially a time management course designed to help you discover your deepest passions and how to make room for them in a balanced way!


For more information on workshops please email  us  [email protected]