Burning Wild (Wombyn’s Circle)

“Burning Woman is she who is inflamed by her own direct connection to the Feminine life force. She who dares to follows her own vision, who speaks up and tells her own stories. She naturally sails counter to what she has been taught. Because what she is taught is how to be a good not-quite-man in a man-made world under a Father God’s rules. The process of unlearning is long, as she learns to uncover her own authentic source to life’s power, and claims her own authority to navigate her life according to her inner flame, not the outer lights she has been shown.”

– Lucy H. Pearce,  Burning Woman

A gathering of women and those who identify as women to celebrate who we are!!

A safe space for discussion, ceremony, support, and inspiration.This is an adult focus group and due to content and ceremonial reverence all attendees must be 18+. Thank you for respecting this.

Does your womb speak to you? What does it say? Tap into the primal, powerful, intuitive being that you are, and surround yourself with sisters who are doing the same. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to Ignite!

Burning Wild Wombyn Circles will always be the LAST Thursday of each month! We are currently on summer hiatus!! See you in September.


Cost is $13/circle.

Drop ins welcome. To pre-register please email [email protected]