Wisdom Circles

Wisdom Circles   ♦   A gathering for mothers, daughters, and women who hold the intention of mentoring girls.

Our culture has not always honored the transition of girls into womanhood. Many of us transitioned into womanhood without ceremony.  We have often walked this path alone and with questions, concerns – sometimes even shame. It is so important for our girls who are entering womanhood to have a different experience – to embrace and understand the changes that are occurring as they move through this transition What would our path have been like if we had been taught to embrace our body? If we were told that our wombs were magic and our bleeding the very essence of life? What have we learned about ourselves as we uncovered our own truths? And how can we shape and support a different view than the ones we were taught?

This circle is a support network for girls aged 10-15 who are coming into womanhood, it is a place to ask questions and to seek wisdom.

It is also a place for women to come who wish to change the way our culture views women (and girls) and who strive for a new relationship to ourselves, our menstrual cycles, our bodies, and our nature. What does it mean to be a woman today?

While these circles often draw mothers and their daughters, girls are welcome to come on their own, and women who wish to share their knowledge but do not have daughters in this age group (or at all) are also welcome.

It is important to have a regular group of women and girls in our Wisdom Circles to foster trust and safety. Some variation of those in attendance is expected, so we do honor that life can be hectic, but pre-registration is required to ensure our numbers are manageable!  Adult contacts are required for youth who wish to attend alone. Wise women always welcome! If you are intested in attending our intergenerational Wisdom Circles please contact us at [email protected]

Cost is $10- $15/ per person for circles. Wise Elders by donation. Sliding Scale, please pay what you can. We are currently on summer hiatus! Please join us in the fall.