Welcome to the Sisterhood.

Sisterhood is not unique to this website or these circles. The Sisterhood is a global movement of women who wish to connect with and support all women on their journeys. In Sisterhood we strive to see the gifts in each other, to speak from our hearts, to listen to our womb space, and to accept one another  exactly where we are at. We cultivate what it means to be a woman in these days, in this world – together.

Welcome, to the Sisterhood…



Moon Maidens   ♦   Girls’ Circles for specific age groups.

Girls’ Circles are a safe place for young woman to meet with other young women in their community. In peer groups we will explore what it means to be a girl who is becoming a woman. We will also learn how to honor and nurture ourselves during and after this change. These circles are a place to seek support, to bring quesions, to explore emotions, or simply to have fun in a group!  They are also a safe place to connect with others who may be experiencing similar emotions/physical changes. We co-create an atmosphere of acceptance, openness, and kindness for one another. For more information please email [email protected]


Moon Maiden   ♦   Workshop Series

Much like the circles, we gather together in a peer group to explore such topics as intuition, assertiveness, menstruation, body image, seasons, cycles, sexuality (and more!) Sessions are longer and over a period of 4 – 8 weeks. To join the next series or for more information please email [email protected]


Moon Mamas   ♦   A circle specifically for mothers with young children (from birth until mobile).

When we birth and become immersed in a young child’s life, we often feel little room to continue our spiritual practices outside the home – with a little one latched on. This circle is designed to support mothers who wish to continue their connection with the Divine Feminine and self while exploring what it means to be a mother of a little one who needs so much of us as well. What is the balance of mothering and self? Moon Mama circles take the form of an interactive sharing circle, where mothers are able to express what blessings and challenges may be arising in their transition from independence to mothering, as well as creating a space that is safe and welcoming for their babies. We will include elements of connection to our children as they are so much of our current world. For more information please email [email protected]


Wisdom Circles   ♦   A gathering for mothers, daughters, and women who hold the intention of mentoring girls.

Follow the red thread of your lineage. What is it to be a girl, following in the footsteps of those who walked before you? What is it to be a woman? What if the steps have changed? How do we walk this path?

Our culture has not always honored the transition of girls into womanhood. Many of us transitioned into womanhood without ceremony.  We have often walked this path alone and with questions, concerns – sometimes even shame. It is so important for our girls who are entering womanhood to have a different experience – to embrace and understand the changes that are occurring as they move through this transition What would our path have been like if we had been taught to embrace our body? If we were told that our wombs were magic and our bleeding the very essence of life? What have we learned about ourselves as we uncovered our own truths? And how can we shape and support a different view than the ones we were taught?

This circle is a support network for girls aged 11 and older who are coming into womanhood; it is a place to ask questions and to seek wisdom.

It is also a place for mothers of these girls to come who wish to change the way our culture views women (and girls) and who strive for a new relationship to ourselves, our menstrual cycles, our bodies, and our nature. What does it mean to be a woman today?

Sharing stories, creating art, crafting, and discussion around a chosen theme will form the basis of our circle.


Burning Women’s Circle   ♦   An adult focus group

A gathering of women and those who identify as women to celebrate who we are!! A safe space for discussion, ceremony, support, and inspiration! This is an adult focus group and due to content and ceremonial reverence all attendees must be 18+. Thank you for respecting this.

For more information or to register for any program please email [email protected]


Rites of Passage

Honoring a girl’s transition into womanhood and celebrating her first blood with ceremony and community is essential!! Please contact us for more information.


While each program does have a cost associated with it, we always want to include those who are interested!! If finances are restricting your ability to be a part of the Rhythmic Notions Sisterhood we have a limited amount of bursaries for each program. Please contact us to learn more about our current offerings.