Moon Mamas

Moon Mamas   ♦   A circle specifically for mothers with young children (from birth until mobile).

When we birth and become immersed in a young child’s life, we often feel little room to continue our spiritual practices outside the home with a little one latched on. This circle is designed to support mothers who wish to deepen their connection with other mothers in a sacred way, who enjoy self exploration in a women’s circle, and/or who simply want to connect with other mothers in the community.

Moon Mama circles take the form of an interactive sharing circle, where mothers are able to express what blessings and challenges may be arising in their transition from independence to mothering, as well as creating a space that is safe and welcoming for their babies. We will include elements of connection to our children as they are so much of our current world. We will also explore what it means to be a mother of a little one who needs so much of us at this time. What is the balance of mothering and self? How do we maintian something of ourselves when it feels like we are being consumed! A support group, a play group, a curious group, whatever you are seeking you can bring your questions here! Women who are expecting are also welcome!