♦ Moon Maidens ♦ Circles for Girls ♦

                         Moon Maidens are Empowerment Circles for girls on their journey to becoming young women. Empowerment in this context means supporting these young women in being who they are, uncovering what they value, and standing strong within themselves with their self identified belief systems. Within a circle we explore many topics including boundaries, consent, dream recall and exploration, self-care, puberty, concepts of beauty, assertiveness, body image, peer relationships, moon cycles, intuition, listening to ourselves, and more. Sessions take the form of a sharing circle where a theme is presented, reflections and discussion are invited, and then an art project or activity is presented as a deepening of the lesson.
                       Moon Maidens Circles are a safe place to connect with others who may be experiencing similar emotions/physical changes.  We gather together  in an atmosphere of acceptance, openness, and kindness for ourselves and for one another at this stage in our journey.  Moon Maidens is currently running on Thursday evenings in the Comox Valley. Max 10 girls per circle.  For more information or to register contact Kendra (250) 703 – 3322

Moon Maidens at The Yurt

For Girls Age 13-16

Winter Session is 4 weeks (Jan. 16th, Feb 6 & 20, Mar 5th)  Cost $75

Spring Session TBD

Summer Campout Info Coming!!!

Please contact RN directly to register. (250)703-3322

Moon Maidens at the Lewis Center

For Girls aged 10-13

Runs Jan. 16 – Feb. 6, 2020  and/or  Feb 20 – March 12, 2020  ($75 for each 4 week series)

Please register directly with the Lewis Center. (250) 338 – 5371

Preregistration and an adult contact is required for Moon Maidens.