Moon Maiden Girls Circles (Age 11-14)

Moon Maidens   ♦   Girls’ Circles for specific age groups.

Girls’ Circles are a safe place for young woman to meet with other young women in their community. In peer groups we will explore what it means to be a girl who is becoming a woman. We will also learn how to honor and nurture ourselves during and after this change. These circles are a place to seek support if the challenges of change bring overwhelming emotions, questions, or uncertainty.  They are also a safe place to connect with others who may be experiencing similar emotions/physical changes.  Once a month we will gather together to craft, play games, and chat in an atmosphere of acceptance, openness, and kindness for one another.

We will meet on the first  Thursday of every month from 6:30pm – 8pm. This circle is open to girls age 11-14. We are currently on summer hiatus, please join us in the fall!

Cost is $10-15 / circle (Sliding scale, please pay what you can).

Preregistration and an adult contact is required for Moon Maidens.

For more information on how to enroll please email [email protected]