Kendra Faye is a Mother, a Writer, a Chartered Herbalist, and a trained                                                                                                                                            Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher. She also completed the Shamanic                                                                                                                                                                  Power Initiations Program through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine                                                                                                                                                        in 2016 and the Journey of Young Women facilitator training in 2018.

Kendra is a co-founder of Saltwater School, which began in her home in 2010. She has taught at the Comox Valley Art Gallery and has worked in high schools and at the university level as a peer councillor and youth facilitator.  Her love of reflection and ritual to understand ourselves and to mark our transitions in life have led Kendra to lead New Moon Goddess Gatherings, to co-facilitate Young Maiden’s Rites of Passage Ceremonies, and to co-host Full Moon Dances. She also mentors girls in their journey to womanhood in her cirlce program Moon Maidens which started in 2016. She has been facilitating women’s circles, opening ceremonies, and mentorhsip programs for over a decade.

With a diverse background in teaching, ceremony, and spirituality, Kendra is excited to continue bringing events and circles to the Comox Valley and surrounding areas as a way to deepen our connection… to those around us and to the life force within us, however we choose to name that.

Each of the ceremonies she creates are non-denominational and intentional, drawn from life experience and intuition. Kendra believes we each have a spark within us, just waiting to ignite, and her purpose on this path is to create space where we feel safe enough to tap into and share our flames – to cultivate our selves in their truest form. Focusing on women and girls transforming into women, she has created Rhythmic Notions with the intention of supporting other women on their journey to discover themselves.

Drawing from the rhythm of the seasons, the cycle of the moon, the inner knowing of our womb space, and the beat of our own Heartsongs, we are invited to …

                                                              Ignite From Within